Staff Directory

Corey Madden
Executive Director
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x111

Administration and Finance

Jennifer Wagner
Finance Manager and Benefits Administrator
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 125

Collections and Exhibitions

For inquiries to the Curatorial Department: [email protected].
For appraisal information, please review our Appraisal Policy.

John Rexine
Collections and Exhibitions Director
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 108

Noah Gonzalez
Exhibitions Designer and Preparator
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x102

Noelani Castro
Collections and Exhibitions Assistant
[email protected]


Education and Public Programs

Chris Cohoon
Manager of Education & Public Programs
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 113

Roxanne O’Weger
Program Manager
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 109

Candace Christiansen
Museum Educator
[email protected]

Anthony Jimenez
Museum Educator
[email protected]

External Relations – Communications & Development

Media inquiries: [email protected]
Membership Inquiries: [email protected]
Events Inquiries: [email protected]

Maureen Halligan
Lead Designer and Project Manager
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 101

Berniz House
External Relations Assistant
[email protected]

Stephanie Shepherd
Senior Advancement Officer: Grants, Campaigns, Publications  
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 126

Melanie Zaragoza
Associate Manager: Board, Staff, and Community Relations  
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 104

Membership Hotline
831.372.5477 x110


Bill Jenkins
Director of Facilities

Markus McMahon
Facilities Manager
[email protected]
831.372.5477 x 103