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Currents: Jane Ivory

June 2 – July 30, 2023


Currents is a gallery space dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists. Featuring a different artist every two months, Currents presents a range of media, styles, and genres. 

I’m drawn to places that have an ecological story to tell. Places where there’s a sense of urgency to not only address climate change, but for me, as a photographer, to capture the idiosyncratic beauty of the place before the inevitable occurs and what once pulled me there is gone or horribly transformed.

– Jane Ivory

About the Artist

Jane Ivory’s introduction to photography began between the ages of six and seven, when she used to sneak down to her father’s darkroom to watch the faces of loved ones develop on paper. This fascination with the process of photography led Ivory to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting from the University of California, Berkeley. After college, Ivory worked at the San Francisco Museum of Art, directing art classes taught through their education department before moving into the world of galleries. As a sales director at two San Francisco galleries and eventually co-owner of Ivory/Kimpton Gallery, she worked to showcase the works of artists she admired before ultimately circling back to photography, where she continuously captures the beauty in deteriorating structures, landscapes, shorelines, and other fragments of nature. Ivory’s artwork has exhibited in galleries across the United States, and she has also published Urban Anomalies, a monograph of her photographs.

Image: Jane Ivory (b. 1945), Foam and Curve, 2021, digital pigment print, 14.25 x 19 in. on 17 x 22 in. archival paper. Courtesy of the artist.