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Name Life Info Nationality
Armin C. Hansen (San Francisco, CA, 1886 - 1957, Monterey, CA) American
Bertha Stringer Lee (San Francisco, CA, 1869 - 1937) American
Carl Jonnevold (Norway, 1856 - 1955) American, born Norway
Charles Rollo Peters (San Francisco, CA, 1862 - 1928, Monterey, CA) American
Eugenia Frances McComas (San Francisco, CA, 1886 - 1982, Monterey, CA) American
Francis McComas (Fingal, Australia, 1874 - 1938, Pebble Beach, CA) American
Frank Joseph Van Sloun (St. Paul, MN, 1879 - 1938, San Francisco, CA) American
Grace Carpenter Hudson (Potter's Vallery, CA, 1865 - 1937, Ukiah, CA) American
John O'Shea (Ballintaylor, Ireland, 1876 - 1956, Carmel, CA) American
Joseph Raphael (Jackson, CA, 1869 - 1950, San Francisco, CA) American
Paul Dougherty (Brooklyn, NY, 1877 - 1947, Palm Springs, CA) American
Sydney Yard (Rockford, IL, 1855 - 1909, San Jose, CA) American
William F. Ritschel (Nuremburg, Germany, 1864 - 1949, Carmel, CA) American

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