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Name Life Info Nationality
Armin C. Hansen (San Francisco, CA, 1886 - 1957, Monterey, CA) American
Arthur Hill Gilbert (Mount Vernon, IL, 1894 - 1970, Stockton, CA) American
Burton Boundey (Oconomowoc, WI, 1879 - 1962, Pacific Grove, CA) American
Donald Teague (Brooklyn, NY, 1897 - 1991, Carmel, CA) American
Ellwood Graham (St. Louis, MO, 1911 - 2007, Monterey Peninsula, CA) American
Frank Harmon Myers (Cleves, OH, 1899 - 1956, Pacific Grove, CA) American
Irene Lagorio (Oakland, CA, 1921 - 1994, Monterey, CA) American
John O'Shea (Ballintaylor, Ireland, 1876 - 1956, Carmel, CA) American
Myron Oliver (Fulton, KS, 1891 - 1967, Monterey, CA) American
Pedro de Lemos (Austin, NV, 1882 - 1954, Palo Alto, CA) American
Reed Farrington (Parker, AZ, 1938 - ) American
Thomas McGlynn (San Francisco, CA, 1878 - 1966, Pebble Beach, CA) American
William F. Ritschel (Nuremburg, Germany, 1864 - 1949, Carmel, CA) American

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