Legacy Society

Legacy Society members ensure the Museum’s financial well-being by including the Museum in their estate plans.

The Legacy Society recognizes and honors those friends and Members of the Monterey Museum of Art who have made a commitment to the future of the institution by including the Museum in their estate plans. There are no dues or fees associated with membership in the Legacy Society.

With their permission, members are listed in the annual Legacy Society newsletter and Annual Report. Members may receive significant tax and income advantages and, through their philanthropic leadership and vision, ensure the Museum’s financial well-being. Legacy gifts may be directed to the general endowment or to specific program areas.

Join us in building the foundation that will uphold the Monterey Museum of Art, the region’s leading visual arts organization for years to come.

Ways to Leave a Legacy


Naming the Monterey Museum of Art, Tax ID#94-1534563, as a beneficiary in your will or living trust is the simplest way to leave a legacy gift. Your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the full amount of the bequest thereby lowering your estate tax liability, if any.

Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement assets (such as an IRA, 401k or 403b plan) make tax-efficient charitable gifts. Few people realize that these assets remain subject to income tax on distributions payable to any non-charitable beneficiary (even your spouse) and are potentially subject to estate taxes as well. The combined effect of these taxes can reduce the value of these assets by as much as 65%. By making the Monterey Museum of Art the beneficiary of your retirement plan, these assets are not subject to estate and income taxation and benefit the Museum with the full pre-tax value of your plan’s assets. By directing retirement assets to the Museum and bequeathing other assets to family members, you can make a significant charitable contribution at a greatly reduced cost. Additionally, making a bequest of retirement assets is one of the easiest bequests to make because you do not need to engage an attorney. Simply request and complete a change of beneficiary form.

Charitable Trusts

You can contribute assets to a charitable remainder trust and you, or someone you name, can receive a payout for your life or for a term of up to 20 years. Upon the death of the last income beneficiary or the end of the term of years, the remainder of the trust is given to the Monterey Museum of Art free of any estate taxes. In the meantime, you receive an immediate income tax deduction, and if you fund the trust with appreciated assets, then you pay no capital gains tax at the time of the gift. You can also create a charitable trust that starts making payments to the Monterey Museum of Art now for a term of years and then distributes the balance of the trust to a named beneficiary when the term expires.

Life Insurance

You can name the Monterey Museum of Art as beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. The proceeds from the policy will not be included in your estate or be subject to estate taxes. If you name the Museum as the owner of the policy, then you can also take an immediate income tax deduction.

Real Estate

You may give your home to the Museum now and continue to live there or elect to bequeath your home or your interest in other real property upon your death. Gifts of real estate can make a remarkable difference to the Museum.

Works of Art

Donating works of art can greatly enhance the Museum’s permanent collection, while lowering your estate tax liability, if any. Individual works or entire collections that are consistent with the Museum’s collecting areas are appreciated. All gifts of art are subject to the Museum’s collection policy guidelines and procedures.

How to Get Started

We can arrange a free, confidential consultation to provide basic information on the potential tax advantages of a gift to the Museum. If you would like to speak with a qualified professional or discuss your intentions confidentially, please contact the Museum’s Advancement Department at 831.372.5477 x104 or at [email protected] Before committing to any Legacy gift, donors are encouraged to consult their legal and/or tax advisors for a full, accurate, and independent explanation of all aspects of the proposed charitable gift.