Why Support MMA?

It is only through your support that we are able to develop and present a variety of thought-provoking exhibitions each year—from special traveling exhibitions, to exhibitions that highlight local emerging artists, as well as rotating permanent collection presentations. Your contributions also play a vital role in allowing us to offer a wide variety of public programs, including: our free School Visit Program for K-12 classrooms, Free Family Fun Days, artist-led workshops, scholarly lectures and symposiums, Summer Art Camps, exciting cultural events, and so much more.

Accessibility to art is one of our top priorities because we have seen, first-hand, how art positively impacts lives. Whether it is for a wide-eyed third-grade student visiting with their class, or a parent searching for art activities for their family, we believe that:

  • Arts improve well-being by providing us with beauty and pleasure that “lifts” us up beyond everyday experiences, and by serving as an outlet for sharing and expression.
  • Arts unify communities by helping us better understand the diverse perspectives and stories of individuals and cultures from all around the world. 
  • Arts spark creativity and innovation by challenging us to problem solve and think about things in different and creative ways—skills that are among the top five applied skills sought by business leaders. 
  • Arts strengthen the economy by supporting jobs, driving tourism and revenue to local businesses, and by significantly contributing to a robust economy.
  • Arts have social impact by supporting social cohesion, civic engagement, child welfare, and lower poverty rates.

Your support allows us to offer educational art experiences that encourage contemplation, dialogues, and importantly—connections. We are dedicated to honoring the artistic legacy of California and the Central Coast region, and together, we can continue to make the Museum even better. We hope you will visit, support, and take pride in the Museum—as we are here to reflect our culturally diverse community—and to celebrate you. Thank you so much for your support.