The Monterey Museum of Art cultivates curiosity in the visual arts and engages community with the diversity of California art – past, present, and future.

The collections of the Monterey Museum of Art reflect and support the Museum’s mission and focus on California Art writ large, covering the period from about 1875 to the present. The collection’s strengths traditionally lay in the era before 1945, and in California photography in general. However, the post-1945 segment of the collection continues to grow and evolve, with a particular emphasis on developing its diversity and inclusivity through targeted acquisitions to more fully represent and reflect our community.

In an effort to make these collections more accessible to the public in general, we will soon launch an online database which visitors will be able to search in multiple ways using various functions to be found on this page. Until then, please enjoy browsing the two online galleries of California art before and after 1945 in our Online Collections.