Corinne Whitaker: Digital Mindscapes

May 5 – August 21, 2022

Corinne Whitaker, Heart Throbs, unique digital painting in lighted box.


Corinne Whitaker: Digital Mindscapes presents the digital artworks of Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe. The exhibition includes several works created during the 2020 pandemic as well as seminal pieces from the artist’s career, such as Eve and Adam which Whitaker believes to be among the first life size 3-D sculptures created. The work continues the artist’s career long inquiry into what it means to be human in the twenty-first century. Whitaker is both captivated and cautious of technology. This innate duality manifests in a playful yet serious exhibition where contradictions are forged into a complicated and unique visual language. Beyond the complexity of context, the collective works form a multisensory experience of color and shape that is approachable and compelling.

“Corinne Whitaker takes us into a universe of her own design with Digital Mindscapes. Corinne paints with code. She sculpts with algorithms and manipulates imagery, daring the viewer to imagine new worlds with her. This exhibition reaffirms the Museum’s commitment to sharing the work of innovative local artists.” says Corey Madden, the Museum’s Executive Director.

About the Artist

Corinne Whitaker is a tour de force in a world where digital advancement meets traditional art practice. She began her exploration of digital art over 40 years ago during the dawn of the digital age and has amassed over four decades of experience in the field of digital imaging. Ahead of her time, Whitaker recognized the potential of computer-generated imagery and sculpture, collaborating with innovators on the web to explore the limits of software and machine before the capabilities were widely understood. Corinne Whitaker’s art recalls the graphic imagery of the y2k era, evoking nostalgia for a period characterized with excitement and fear. The coexistence of possibility and danger is an omnipresent theme in the artist’s work. Whether through her ephemeral digital paintings composed of dramatic colors and abstract shapes, or the digital sculptures relating to late twentieth century robotic form, the theme is pervasive, Corinne Whitaker is an experimentalist who operates outside rules or expectations. Today, digital imagery is a part of the visual vernacular, but Whitaker pushed boundaries and application of this technology before it was accessible or accepted. Both familiar and foreign, Whitaker’s imagery exists beyond space and time.


Thank you to our sponsors, Richard Carr and Barbara Schilling, for helping make this exhibition possible.